SASLAW and LexisNexis have partnered to advance SA Labour Law and bring SASLAW Conference Delegates and Members exclusive benefits and offers!

The South African Society for Labour Law (SASLAW) and LexisNexis are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at aligning our mutual focus of promoting the advancement of Labour Law in South Africa as a legal and academic discipline and encouraging collaboration between experts within the field of labour law.  

 Introducing the Lexis Library Starter Pack

A flexible package that can be tailored to the needs of every labour practitioner

As a Labour Specialist, you need quality labour content from trusted resources, that’s why SASLAW and LexisNexis are pleased to bring first-time Lexis Library Users the Lexis Library: Starter Pack. Carefully curated labour content from seasoned experts offering you critical content and insight into all things labour related.

Premium content at an economical price 

Competitively priced from as little as R750 per month, LexisNexis is offering specially designed Starter Packs (for Legal and Corporate SASLAW members) to first-time Lexis Library users.  To start with, get access to a wealth of relevant legislation, case law and government gazettes. Compliment this with your choice of 2 x specialist commentary works suited to your specific areas of interest.

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Free Cutting Edge Case Law At Your Fingertips

Unrivalled judgment selection, topicality, speed and presentation

Our expert team carefully curates the most popular cases to share with you on a monthly basis. Sign up to receive our FREE Monthly Index delivered straight to your inbox.

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Don’t get caught with your hand in the Information Cookie Jar

Order now and save 15% on this essential POPIA Combo

The working environment has changed drastically, and while the Future of Work continues to be reshaped daily by the accelerated adoption of virtual working, South African companies also need to contend with the impact of the Protection of Personal Information Act on their operations and processes. Compliance with POPIA is non-negotiable.

Don’t get caught with your hand in the Information Cookie Jar. Ensure that you and your employees understand your obligations when it comes to this seminal piece of legislation. Get the LexisNexis Pocket Book and Poster Combo for only R307.05 excl. Vat - discounted at 15% now.

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The fastest way to get a signature

Revolutionise processes, improve productivity and enhance your client experiences with Lexis Sign. 

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In an increasingly virtual world, the importance of embracing secure and reliable digital solutions is paramount. Lexis Sign offers trusted, ground-breaking signature solutions for your business. 

No more printing, signing and scanning. No illegible documents due to multiple scans or long waits for physical signatures. A secure web-based platform for all channels, Lexis Sign simplifies the process of electronic signing, ensuring you get clear, fully compliant documents finalised faster than ever. Upload and sign any document at any time and from any location. Electronic signatures mean no paper is needed!

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Quality-assured verifications delivered with integrity and speed

Mitigating the risks of hiring incompetent candidates

A flare-up of technology and access to the internet has made many things possible, including the proliferation of false credentials among employees. ‘Degree mills' continue to mushroom, giving rise to a billion-dollar industry that helps university students falsify their qualifications and diplomas. The falsification is such a clean job that most employers do not suspect it. The pandemic made online learning the best option for continuity of education but created the perfect environment for the diploma mills to blossom. So, the problem is more severe today than ever, and many employers could end up falling into the trap of hiring unqualified and incompetent persons without knowing it.

The hiring process is a pressing issue for any company because the employees directly influence the company's reputation and profitability. So, it's worth taking a little more time and effort to verify the identities and qualifications of persons to be brought on board. Get a vetting tool like Lexis® RefCheck to conduct reference checks on your behalf to protect your business from suffering the effects of negligent hiring like reputation damage and revenue loss.

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